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"It can be as small as we are," John muttered, and politely added, "I'm sorry, miss."Laugh and cry." She said with a smile.9 smiled at her, too. "Yes," he said. "The more we function, the more we are like people. So far, the human body and brain are the most powerful machines. We can say that, the natural person is more and more artificial, you installed dentures, nose plastic, chest with silicone gel. As a result of nuclear radiation, the human body has also undergone deformation and variation; and our humanoid robot is becoming more and more natural. Isn't that ironic?""This is also." Said John, trying to hold back a yawn.roshe run nike white 9 said: "the problem is that you are getting older, the body is getting weaker and weaker; and my body, although man-made, but as long as the good maintenance, but also to maintain about 100 years. Again, I'm stronger than you, and I'm better at seeing and hearing, and more responsive, all of which are crucial to building a new world. So, you see, "he said, ending his statement," you can't compare with me."

John was very pleased with oneself to say: "you forgot the key point.""No, I didn't forget," said 9. "Our humanoid robots are installed in the laboratory and on the assembly line. You're right, but that's all. You say too expensive? Yeah, it's been a while. But now, the production of humanoid robots is getting cheaper and simpler. We have been able to self replicate. In fact, some of the top secret experiments have shown that, at least in theory, humanoid robots can communicate with natural people - Oh, get married."John said: "this is too outrageous, you mean people and never heard of before breeding? Humanoid robot? That's ridiculous!" He stammered, somewhat incoherent, flustered."Is that right?" 9 seriously, "but it's true!"roshe run nike white They are beautiful for gazing at a handsome and strong 9, then gave John a look askance and coughing. "I think he's doing a good job," she said, with a touch of sadness."

John sighed and said nothing. He slowly walked into the shadow of chaos. Soon they heard the sound of a gunshot and a weak body falling to the ground."Poor John," she said, "I feel sorry for him.""Me too," said the 9, "but that's life." He took her to a humble hut, which would be their home in the future. "You know," he said, "at first I was a little worried that John's high degree of education, versatility and intelligence would triumph over me and win your heart......""At first, almost like that."roshe run nike white "Yes, I can see it, too. So I threw a little lie and said I was a humanoid robot. My name is not 9. I'm Bill. I am one hundred percent natural person."

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